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BZD Automobile Platform Brake Wheel Weight Tester

Products specification

BZD series platform tester can inspect the brake force,wheel,and sideslip and suspension efficiency of automobile in running,
During the inspection it embodies the front move of the automobile that makes the test results more suitable for the road
condition,This inspection is easy and fast,suitable for inspection of salloon car,Van and truck etc,It is widely used in traffic
safety control department,automobile maintenance industry.

1.Brake and wheel load combination construction can realize the brake force inspection when the automobile is moving fast,
It can simulate the road to inspect the brake force of the automobile,and refoect the real conditon of the change of brake
force and wheel load,It can inspect the movement of the center of gravity during the process of braking.
2.It can test the suspension perpension performance of the automobile through analyzing each dynamic wheel weight signal.
3.Adopt high precision(0.03%)load cell with accurate and reliable measuring data.
4.Steel ball rolling construction with light friction greatly decreased additive error when the equipment is working,It is easy to
adjust zero of the indicator.
5.Spead and weld a 3mm high layer of steel net on the surface to incrase the friction during inspection, It can fully inspect
the brake force of the automobile.
6.Adopt helix button with a high precision S-type load cell and a indicator for calibration,to realize the comparative calibration
for the body,very easy for operation.
7.The dimension of the platform for is very broad,4000mm long,1000mm wide(it is the largest platform nationwide at present),
with realize the compatibility of the big truck and small car when equipped with the test line.
8.The whole equipment can modularize the compatibility and quickly,small in size.
9.High inspection efficiency,the whole process only need one minute.
10.Industry control computer, windows xp system,easy for operation,digital display.


Model BZD-5 BZD-10
Tested speed 5-10Km/h 5-10Km/h
Tested item Wheel weight,brake force
suspension performance
Wheel weight,brake force
suspension performance
Brake force 3% 3%
Wheel weight 2% 2%
Test time <60s <60s
Maximum load 2X1500kg 2X5000kg 2X5000kg 2X7500kg
Sensor voltage DC 12V DC 12V
Outline dimension
(outline dimension of frame)
(tester dimension)
4000X1000X160mm(single board)

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