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Стандартный тензодатчик

Products specification
BE Series
Fully encapsulated Constantan foil gages, phenolic-
acetal backing and self-temperatu recompensation.
With good flexibility, stable performance and easy
bonding, are suitable for general transducers
(Class 0.05) and stress analysis.

BA Series
Fully encapsulated Constantan foil gages,
polyimide backing and self-temperature
compensation. With high elongation,
excellent heat-resistance and wide
temperature range, are mainly used for
precise stress analysis and normal accuracy
transducers with temperature up to 150℃.

BQ Series
Constantan foil gages with thin and f lexible paper-based acetal backing, without selftemperature
compensation, are easy bonding and handling. It is widely used for general stress analysis, especially
for composite material sand cement structures.

Specifications BE Series BA Series BQ Series
Resistance 60,120,350,650 120,350 120
Resistance Tolerance ≤±0.1%
Gage Factor 2.00-2.20 1.86-2.20 2.00-2.20
Dispersion of
Gage Factor
Strain Limit 2.0%
Fatigue Life ≥1M
STC Code 9,11,16,23,27  
Temp.Range -30-+80 -30-+80,-80-+150 -30-+80
Lead Wire Form X(Omissible),C,D,F,U,X**,
Standard Lead
Wire Form
1. BA,BQ and ZF Series strain gages with pattern of KA, BA, CA, BC, CB, CC , FD,
AA-W and HA-W are soldered with column lead wires 30±3mm long.
2. BE,BF,RNF and RBF Series strain gages are soldered with belt lead wires.
Eexcept HA patterned gages is with 25±2mm lead wire,the others are all
with 30±3mm wire.
3. Please define your special demand of lead wires in your order per our
Desingnation System.

Pattern Model Grid size(LXW)
Dimension (LXW)
mm mm
BE(BA)60-02AA(**) 0.2X1.1 3.6X3.0
BE(BA)120-02AA(**) 0.2X2.0 4.0X3.6
BE(BA)120-1AA(**) 1.0X2.0 4.3X3.5
BE60-03AA(**) 0.3X1.0 3.6X3.0
BE60-05AA(**) 0.5X0.5 3.6X3.0
BE120-03AA(**) 0.3X1.8 2.7X2.7
BE120-05AA(**) 0.5X1.2 3.0X2.6
BE(BA,BQ)120-2AA(**) 2.0X1.7 5.4X3.2
ZF350-1AA(11)-W-X 1.0X2.0 3.0X2.0
ZF350-2AA(11)-W-X 2.0X1.0 3.8X2.0

ZF350-1HA(11)-W-X 1.0X1.0 2.8X2.0
BE(BA)120-2AA-A(**) 1.9X2.2 6.2X3.4
BE(BA,BQ)120-3AA(**) 2.8X2.0 6.4X3.5
BE(BA,BQ)120-4AA(**) 4.2X1.9 8.2X3.6
BE(BA,BQ)120-5AA(**) 5.0X2.0 10.0X4.0
BE(BA,BQ)120-6AA(**) 5.8X2.7 9.7X4.2
BE(BA,BQ)120-8AA(**) 7.8X2.6 12.2X4.3
BE(BA,BQ)120-10AA(**) 9.8X3.0 15.5X5.0
BQ120-20AA(**) 20.0X3.0 28.9X7.2
BQ120-40AA(**) 42.0X2.4 52.0X7.2
BQ120-60AA(**) 60.0X2.2 68.0X6.8
BQ120-80AA(**) 80.0X2.5 90.0X7.0
BQ120-100AA(**) 100x3.6 110.0x7.0

BE(BA)200-4AA(**) 4.0X2.2 9.0X4.0
BE(BA)200-6AA(**) 6.0X2.3 10.7X4.8
BE200-8AA(**) 7.8X3.0 11.0X6.0
BE(BA)350-2AA(**) 2.4X3.3 6.4X4.7
BE350-2AA-A(**) 2.2X3.0 4.5X4.0
BE(BA)350-3AA(**) 3.1X3.5 7.4X4.9

BE(BA)350-4AA(**) 4.0X2.8 8.2X4.6
BE(BA)350-5AA(**) 4.8X3.4 9.4X5.0
BE(BA)350-6AA(**) 6.4X3.8 11.0X5.4
BE350-8AA(**) 7.5X5.4 11.2X7.4
BE350-10AA(**) 10.0X4.8 13.8X6.6
BE500-4AA(**) 4.0X3.3 7.9X4.6
BE500-6AA(**) 6.0X3.3 11.6X5.3
BE650-4AA(**) 4.2X4.5 8.9X5.9
BE650-5AA(**) 5.0X3.9 9.0X5.6
BE650-6AA(**) 6.2X4.2 10.6X5.7
BE1000-3AA(**) 3.2X4.8 7.4X7.4
BE1000-6AA(**) 6.0X5.0 10.0X6.3

BE(BA)350-3AB(**) 4.5X3.7 8.2X5.9
BE(BA)350-4AB(**) 5.5X4.8 10.0X7.0
BE(BA)350-6AB(**) 8.5X6.8 12.1X10.0
BE(BA)350-8AB(**) 11.2X8.8 15.0X11.0

BE(BA)120-2FB(**) 2.0X2.0 5.2X5.6
BE(BA)120-3FB(**) 2.7X1.7 6.5X6.0
BE(BA)120-4FB(**) 4.0X2.2 8.2X6.4
BE(BA)350-2FB(**) 2.0X2.8 6.4X7.6
BE(BA)350-3FB(**) 3.1X3.0 7.4X7.6
BE(BA)350-4FB(**) 4.0X2.4 8.2X6.8
BE350-6FB(**) 5.9X2.8 9.8X7.3

BE(BA)120-2HA-D(**) 2.0X3.8 5.8X7.0
BE(BA)350-2HA-D(**) 2.0X3.8 8.8X5.6
BE(BA)350-3HA-D(**) 3.0X5.2 8.8X6.6
BE(BA)350-4HA-D(**) 4.2X6.9 8.2X8.2
BE350-6HA-D(**) 6.0X10.0 11.0X10.5

BE(BA)120-2HA-E(**) 2.0X3.8 5.8X7.0
BE(BA)350-2HA-E(**) 2.0X3.8 8.8X5.6
BE(BA)350-3HA-E(**) 3.0X5.2 8.8X6.8
BE(BA)350-4HA-E(**) 4.2X6.9 8.2X8.2
BE(BA)350-6HA-E(**) 6.0X10.0 11.0X10.5

1. BA Series strain gages are classified into two-temperature groupes at normal temperature (within 80℃)
and moderate temperature (within150℃ ). It should be mentioned in your order. For example,
BA350-3HA (11) is in normal temperature, BA350-3HA (11) 150 is in moderate temperature.
2.Both BE and BQ series are classfied into gages with temperature self-compensation and gages without
temperature selfcompensation.
For example, BE120-3AA (11) is temperature self-compensated and BE120-3AA is non-temperature
3. For encapsulated gages with grid pattern HA-D and HA-E, we only offer gages with lead wire forms.
4. Except for the models listed in above table, we also can produce hight precision transducers that use
strain gages with any shape and size according to samples or drawings supplied by customers.

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