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Terminal tabs adopt imported copper foil,with polyimide or glass fiber reinforced epoxy colophony backing.It has better electronic performance and bigger flexibility that is easy for installation.Before soldering, polishing is required to erase the protective film.It is the same way as strain gates installation.

DTA Series
Polyimide backing and pure copper foil , good flexible,
insulation,and humidity and heat resistance, stable
chemical performance, high security and reliability.
It can be used in relatively scurviness conditions.
DTB Series

Glass fibre reinforced epoxy backing and
pure copper foil,high intensity,with good
bonding performance.



Grid size
(L)X(W) (mm)
Backing dimension
(L)X(W) (mm)
DTA(B)2.G1 3.0X1.0 5.0X4.0
DTA(B)3.G1 5.0X2.0 6.0X6.0
DTA(B)6.G1 6.4X2.6 8.0X8.0
DTA(B)10.G1 10.0X4.0 12.0X12.0
DTA(B)3.G3 5.0X2.0 6.0X6.0
DTA(B)6.G3 6.4X2.6 8.0X8.0
DTA(B)10.G3 10.0X3.0 12.0X12.0
DTA(B)3.G5 5.0X2.0 6.0X6.0
DTA(B)6.G5 6.0X2.5 8.0X8.0
DTA(B)10.G5 10.0X3.0 13.0X12.0
DTA(B)3.G2 5.0X1.4 7.0X6.0
DTA(B)4.G2 4.0X1.5 7.5X4.4
DTA(B)5.G2 5.0X1.0 6.0X5.0
DTA(B)6.G2 7.0X1.6 8.0X8.0
DTA(B)10.G2 9.7X3.0 13.0X12.0
DTA(B)3.G4 5.0X1.4 7.0X6.0
DTA(B)6.G4 6.5X1.6 8.0X8.0
DTA(B)10.G4 10.0X4.0 12.0X14.0
DTA(B)3.G6 3.0X1.0 5.0X3.0
DTA(B)6.G6 6.0X2.0 8.0X4.0
DTA(B)10.G6 10.0X4.0 12.0X6.0

In the above list,DAT(B)6.G6 represents two models--DTA6.G6 and DTB6.G6 respectively.Please specify the appropriate models on your purchase order.

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