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KDZD Автомобильные осевые тормоза\Весовой тестер колес

Products specification

KDZD series automobile brake tester axle/wheel
weight tester is a new inspection equipment designed
aboratively by our engineers by collecting distillation
of the similarproducts all over world.It is widely used
in automobileintegration, safety inspection line,and
automobile monitor department and maintenance

1.Adopt high precision(0.03%)load with stable and reliable
test data.
2.Roller surface adopt refined rigidity sand and advanced
sticking workmanship,adhesion coefficient is over 0.9(dry)
and 0.85(humid),very stable(combined intension >20Mpa),
with long life-span(over 200000 times).
3.Enlarge the installing angle of the high low roller,make
the brake inspection more sufficient and stable.
4.Digital indicator,visible wheel arrester and its process
error in both left and right,digital display,memory function.
5.Digital signal output connector for computer automatically
control system.
6.Special designed reducer,small in size,high transferring
7.Equipped with No.3 roller that makes the skidding rate of
the wheel and main roller 10%-30% and then stopped
automatically to avoid tire damaged,but also with air lift that
makes vehicle coming in and out conveniently,awarded
Chinese patent,Patent number,ZL01 24057.4
8.Special designed gasbag lifting structure,good seal
condition,strong lifting force,reliable application.
9.Adopt hang-up force measuring structure for weighing the
wheel.Its high measuring barycenter highly improved the
measuring stability,and guaranteed reliable measurment on
its brake force and wheel weight.



Model KDZD-10(3)J KDZD-10(3)E KDZD-3
Maximum Axle load allowed(kg) 15000 10000 3000 10000 3000 3000
Tested Distance wheels(mm) 780-2980 670-2870 670-2130
Maximum testable brake force(N) 56000 40000 12000 40000 12000 12000
Maximum measuring axle load(kg) 15000 10000 3000 10000 3000 3000
Break power measuring accuracy(%) <3 <3 <3
Axle/wheel weight measuring accuracy(%) <2 <2 <2
Roller dimension(mm) Φ300(Φ245)X1100 Φ180X1100(1000) Φ245X730
Center distance of the front and rear wheels(mm) 454 432 430
Diameter of No.3 roller(mm) Φ50x1295    Φ50X730
Height difference of the front and rear rollers(mm) 30   30
Pulse number 10   10
Sensor voltage DC.12V DC.12V DC.12V
Motor power supply AC380V.50HZ AC380V.50HZ AC380V.50HZ
Outline dimension
(double stand)
(double stand)
3820X850X670 2560X880X450

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