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KDSD Автомобильный скоростной тестер

Products specification

KDSD series automobile speed tester is used to
examine the performance of the automobile speed
when it is in driving.It is widely used in traffic control
departments, safety performance test line,automobile
monitor department,and automobile manufacturer
and maintenance industry.

1.Adopt special photoelectric coder to measure the rotate
speed,High distinguishing ability,and accurate measurement.
2.Aviation technology of dynamic balance roller,high
accuracy,reach G6.3
3.Reliable air lift with roller locked assures vehicles coming
out and in conveniently and quickly, increased the testing
4.Unitary bended welding construction,light profile,easy for
5.Indicators use single chip treatment system,digital display
with memory function.
6. Equipped with R232 communication entry,easy to
connect to internet.



Model KDSD-10E KDSD-10D KDSD-10J
Maximum axle load,allowed(kg) 10000(3000) 3000 10000 15000 3000 10000 15000
Tested Distance wheels(mm) 670-2870 860-2800 750-2950
Verifying range of the speed(km/h) 0-120 0-120 0-120
Characteristic speed(km/h) 40,60,80 40,60,80 40,60,80
Distinguishing rate(km/h) 0.1 0.1 0.1
Power supply voltage of the
speed sensor
DC12-24V DC12-24V DC12-24V
Roller dimension(mm) Φ177X1000(1100) Φ318X1000(1100) Φ190X1100
Center distance between front
and rear wheels (mm)
453 540 453
Maximum air pressure of system(MPa) 1 1 1
Lift mode by air by air by air
Outline dimension

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