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KDCH Автомобильный измеритель скольжения

Products specification

KDCH series automobile sideslip tester is a
special to inspect the sideslip value and the
direction of the sideslip emerged when
automobile is drived,It is an important
measuring appararus for automobile inspection
station and traffic safety department
and automobile maintenance factories.

1.Double or single sideslip plate construction meet all test
2.Supported by the upper and lower bearings stable in sliding,
precise synchronization.
3.Adopt high precision displacement sensor with high
4.Bearing direction, supported by rolling wheels,light friction
and free in sliding.
5.The indicators use singlechip treatment system, digital
display with memory function.
6.Over limit(>+5mm)alarm function, to judge if it is qualified
or not by itself.
7.Unique construction the slide board call move together or
move separately by switch.
8. Equipped with R232 communication entry.easy to
computer  controlling system.


Model KDCH-(3)10 KDCH-(10)15 KDCH-10FB KDCH-10B
Maximum axle load,allowed(kg) 10000(3000) 15000(10000) 3000,10000,15000 10000
Tested Distance wheels(mm) 700-2700 720-2720 720-2720 860-2800
Slider Dimension(mm) 1000X500 1000X1000 1000X1000
Single slide board
Loosen board
Single slide board
Loosen board
Distance between sliders(mm) 700 720 720  
Measuring range(m/km) -10--+10 -15--+15 -15--+15 -15--+15
Distinguishing rate(m/km) 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1
Sensor voltage(DC.V) 12 12 12 12
Outline dimension
3000X613X162 3120X1162X205 3120X1162X205 726X860X80
Slide board connect model Linkage Singe/Linkage Singe/Linkage Single board

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