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KDCG Автомобильный динамометр для шасси

Products specification

KDCG series automobile chasis dynamometer is used for testing chasis output power,driving force,speed,acceleration
performance,coasting performance and accuracy of speed-meter and mileage meter of various vehicle.Equipped with
fuel consumption meter,it can measure value of fuel comsumption and exhaust economic characteristic and environmental
protection index and be widely applied in automobile maintenance factory.Automobile synthetic and safety performance
inspection station.

1.Imported cool air electrical vortex flow dynamometer power absorber can absorb higher power and have protestive
2.Adopt high precision load cell and photoelectric coder with high accurate measurement.
3.Surface of initiative roller is plasma sprayed hard alloy steel and double screw groove structure,It has high adhesion
coefficient(>0.9) and hardness(>HRC45)that can prevent the wheel skidding.
4.The roller adopts aviation dynamic balance technology with high accuracy,over G6.3.
5.Modularized device consumer may choose to equip flywheel and reverse motor according to the automobile inertia to
simulate automobile's real ineria and make more accurate measurement.
6.Industry control computer, windows xp system,easy for operation,digital display,can be printed out.


Model KDCG-3A KDCG-3B KDCG-10(15)H KDCG-10S
Maximum absorbable power(kw) 160 160 160(250) 2X160
Maximum testable toque(N.m) 1600 1600 1600(2500) 2X2500
Maximum testable traction(N) 8000 8000 8000(12000) 2X12000
Maximum electromagnetism
192/18 192/18 192/18 192/18
Maximum axle load,allowed(t) 3 3 10(15) 10(15)
Roller dimension(mm) Φ218X950 Φ218X950 Φ318(370)X1100 Φ370X1100
Roller center dimension(mm) 445 445 570 730
Maximum speed,allowed(km/h) 120 120 120 120
Lift mode by air by air by air by air
Outline dimension(LxWxH) 4426X960X640mm 4290X960X680mm 4580X1222X815mm 5360X1380X815mm
Combined accuracy National standard A National standard A National standard A National standard A

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