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Products specification

Automobile pro-environmental chassis dynamometer is the necessary equipment to test the emission and the pro-
|environmental performance of petrol car and diesel vehicles in transient, stable and load decelerating state,It can be
installed in the automobile combined performance inspection state and automobile manufacturing factory to test the
dynamic and exhaust performance of the automobile.

1.It is designed in accordance with HJ/T396-2007 technical requirement of the equipment for measuring exhaust
pollution of the spark ignition engine automobile in transient state.HJ/T292-2006 technical requirement of the
equipment for measuring the exhaust smoking by diesel vehicle loading and decelerating,HJ/T291-2006 technical
requirement of the equipment for measuring exhaust pollution of petrol vehicle in stable state,GB18285-2005 exhaust
pollution limit and measuring method of the spark ignition engine automobile,GB3847-2005 exhaust smoking limit and
measuring method of the compression ignition engine and compression ignition engine automobile.
2.Integral frame welded with high strength.
3.Build-in internal consumption tester and high speed reverse motor in sideslip testing to make the test date more reliable.
4.Adopt the import air cooling eddy current as the absorption meter to absorb high power and protect the thermocouple.
5. Adopt high precision transducer and photoelectric coder with high measurement accuracy.
6.The surface of the initiative roller is plasma spayed with carbide alloy of high adhesion coefficient(>0.9) and hardness
(>HRC45)that can prevent from the wheel skidding and ensure more accurate inspection.
7.The rollers adopt aviation dynamic balance technology with high precise,over G6.3.
8.Modularized design,the flywheel and reverse motor can be selected by customer's requirement according to the
automobile inertia to simulate its real inertia and acquire more precise measurement.
9.Equipped with manual rolling block to improve safety of vehicle(especially for front drive automobile).
10.The device equipped with start and brake setting to drive the vehicle faster and more conveniently.
11.Chassis dynamometer of the heavy duty diesel 3 axle 6 rollers automobile is suitable to measure the exhaust
smoking by loading and decelerating method for all kinds of heavy duty diesel vehicles(including dual drives vehicle).


Major parameters Heavy duty diesel vehicles
Model KDCG-3B Model KDCG-13B KDCG-15B
Max.axle load 3t Max.single axle load 13t 15t
Max.absorbable power 160kw Max.test speed 120Km/h 120Km/h
Max.test speed 120km/h Max.brake torque 2500N.mX2 2500N.mX2
Max.brake torque 1600N.m Eddy motor 2 3
Reverse motor 11kw Parasitic power
calibrating motor
11Kw AC380V 11Kw AC380V
Roller diameter*length Φ218X950mm      
Roller center distance 445      
Fiducially inertia 900kg      

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