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KDXJ Автомобильный тестер подвески

Products specification

KDXJ series automobile suspended test stand is a special equipment mainly used to examine suspended device of the
automobile and to test performance of the shock absorber.It is widely used in traffic control department,automobile
inspection station,and automobile manufacture and maintenance industry.

1.Adopt advanced syntonic force measuring technology to realize fast and jointly testing the automobile suspended
performance by oscillated theory, then to judge automobile's suspended device,especially the quality of the automobile
2.High precision sensors with strong anti-jamming ability can test precisely with stable and reliable performance.
3."M" type oscillatory board assures accurate parking position and good repetition test.
4.Adopt ball bearing guided structure with light friction.qscillatory board moves agiley with very good synchronization
and less error in testing.
5.Chinese display,easy for operating,test results will be shown by diagram,curves and data etc.
6.The test data and results can be stored into the database automatically,and the data can be easily and quickly
checked.The user can find out their automobile,suspended condition and maintenance status.It can be printed out.
7.Equipped with PC entry can easily connect to the Internet.


Model KDXJ-2 KDXJ-3
Maximum axle load,allowed 3000 kg 10000 kg
Tested diatance of the wheels 700-2100mm 700-2100mm
Oscillated frequecy 15HZ 23HZ
Swing 5mm 5mm
Motor ratate speed 2x1.1KW 2x1.5KW
Power supply 380±10%V,50HZ 380±10%V,50HZ
Motor rotate speed 910r/min 1400r/min
Noise <70dBA <70dBA
Display error ±2% ±2%
Repeatable absorptivity error ±2% ±2%
Side absorptivity error ±2% ±2%
Oscillated board dimension(lengthXwidth) 700X320mm 700X320mm
Outline dimension(lenthXwidthXheight) 2520X650X232mm 2530X680X255mm

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