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Автомобильный\Мотоциклетный интегрированный мост

Products specification


QMZD type automobile/motorcycle integration
axle/wheelweight and brake tester is integrated
equipment used for inspection axle/wheel weight
and braking performance of automobile 10t,two
wheels motorcycle,motorcycle tricycle(three
wheel motorcycle),motorcycle with side car.
It is widely used in the companies and inspection
stations engaged in detection and maintenance
of automobile/motorcycle.

1.Compact compound structure designs,small space-
occupancy,reduce investment in site and powerhouse.
Simultaneously realize hybrid detecing axle/wheel
weight and break of automobile,two or three-wheeled
2.Adopt advanced sand-sticking techniques,adhesion
coefficient is over 0.8 in dry and humid state,service life
is over 200000 times.
3.Adopt separating drive of automobile and motorcycle
to improve the testing accuracy.
4.Adopt high quality and precision transducer to improve
the testing accuracy.
5.The No.3 roller with lifting structure can realize not only
stop in time to prevent tires to be damaged but also
make the vehicles coming in and out conveniently and
testing  easily and rapidly.


Model QMZD-10A(automobile) QMZD-10A(motorcycle)
Maximum axle load,allowed(kg) 10000 500
Tested wheels distance(mm) 1000-3200  
Maximum measurement braking force(N) 40000 3000
Maximum measuring axle load(kg) 10000 500
Breaking power measuring accuracy(%) <3 <3
Axle weight measuring accuracy(%) <2 <2
Roller dimension(mm) Φ245X1100 Φ180X250
Center Distance of the front and rear wheels(mm) 454 333
Diameter of No.3 roller(mm) Φ50  
Height difference of the front and rear rollers(mm) 30 10
Transducer supply voltage DC.12V DC.12V
Motor power supply AC380V.50HZ 11Kw AC380V.50HZ 0.55Kw
Outline dimension(mm) 4360X1040X880 4360X1040X880
Outline dimension of clamp platform(mm) 1000X780X144 1000X780X144
Outline dimension of axle weight platform(mm) 410X400X120 410X400X120

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