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MQJ Тестер мотоциклов

Products specification

Our engineers on the basis of assimilating the world-advanced technology,in accordance with the market demand,develop
MQJ motorcycle test stand .It consists of axle(wheel)load meter,clamping tester,brake tester,speedometer tester and
wheel alignment tester.With advanced construction and reliable performence,It is widely used in vehicle managing
department, motorcycle test line and motorcycle manufacturer.


1.The unitary structure is designed on the basis of all kinds of automobile model,widely used in inspecting of the two wheelsmotorcycle, side threewheels motorcycle,right three wheels
motorcycle etc,Integral bending welded frame, simple appearance,
2.Roller of the brake tester adopt sand-sticking workmanship,
well-knit,adhesion coefficient>0.9/0.85(dry/humid).
3.Frequency conversion timing,test motorcycle speed by choosing
in any point.
4.Airlift and clamp device,four linked pole synchronization structure,
balanced and reliable clamp,The clamping board is 800mm long,
suitable in testing all kinds of wheel vehicles.
5.Axle(wheel)adopts high precision(0.03%)strain sensor,accurate
and reliable measurement.
6.Wheel alignment test adopt high precision displacement sensor,
accurate test result.
7.Industry control computer,Windows xp system,centralized
control mode,easy for operation,digital display,printed test



Model Motorcycle wheel alignmet tester
Clamp mode by air
Axle weight.allowed 500kg
Tire diameter,allowed ø300-750mm
Tire width,allowed 40-250mm
Measuring range +10mm
Test accuracy 0.2mm
Valid clamp length 800mm
Clamp height 50mm
Outline dimension(LxWxH) 2300x860x264mm

Model Motorcycle axle weight tester Model Motorcycle wheel clamp device
Platform dimension 2000x400x104mm Clamp mode by air
Axle weight,allowed 500kg Axle weight,allowed 500kg
Display error ≤1% Tire diameter,allowed ø300-750mm
Outline dimension
2000x526x140mm Tire width,allowed 40-240mm
Outline dimension

Model Motorcycle speed tester Model Motorcycle brake force tester
Axle weight,allowed 500kg Axle weight,allowed 500kg
Roller dimension left ø176X270mm Roller dimension left:ø180X270mm
right ø176X1000mm right:ø180X1000mm
Speed test range 0-120km/h Roller rotate speed 7r/min
Motor power 3KW Motor power 0.75KWx2
Wheel diameter,
ø300-750mm Brake test range 0-2500n
Display error ≤2% Display error ≤2%
Speed adjustment
Frequecy conversion timing
(Provide for oneself)
Outline dimension
Outline dimension

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