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Автомобильный 4 в 1 мульти-функциональный тестер

Products specification

Automobile 4-in-1 multi-functional tester is comprised
of single sideslip tester,suspended test stand and brake
tester testing the sideslip,suspended,axle weight and
brake performance with compact structure.It is widely
used in automobile maintenance department or factories
and 4S shops.

1.Small in size,compact structure,multi-functional
2.Advanced sticking workmanship in brake system,
adhesion coefficient is over 0.8 in dry and humid
condition,life-span is over 200000 times.
3.Adopt No.3 roller are lift structure in brake station,
that means the No.3 roller controls the skidding rate
and then stops timely to avoid tire damage,but also
makes vehicle coming in and out conveniently.
4.Adopt advanced resonance measuring technology
and ball bearing guide structure in suspended stand
with light friction,oscillatory board moves agilely with
very good synchronization,high accurate,and little
error in testing.
5.The sideslip station is comprised with testing slide
and relaxation slide which provides precise testing.


Model KDZD-3
Brake tester
Model KDXJ-2
Suspension tester
Model KDCH-10B
Single sideslip tester
Maximum axle
3000Kg Maximum axle
3000Kg Maximum axle
Tested distance
670-2130mm Tested distance
700-2100mm Slider dimension 500X860mm
Maximum testable
brake force
12000N Swing 5mm Loosen board 220X860mm
Roller dimension φ245X730mm Motor ratate speed 2X1.1KW Measuring range -15.0-+15.0m/Km
Center distance of the
front and rear wheels
430mm Oscillated frequecy 15HZ Connect model Single board
Outline dimension
2560X880X450mm Outline dimension 2520X650X232mm Outline dimension 726X860x80mm

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