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Products specification

About crystal component factory
We specialize in the manufacture of synthetic jewels (sapphire, ruby) precision components. With an experience of 40 years, we have become craftsmen of ultra-hard materials having shown the market with technology and quality. To our continuously developing innovation and application in the aspect of techniques. Have put our productions in a competitive position in house and abroad.
We have high-accuracy fine-hole, lapping and polishing Swiss facilities; we also manufacture our own special machines as per our requirements.
We have been certified with China Military Standard: GJB/Z9001-96.
Our products have already exported to American & European markets and some other countries.
Appreciate our reasonable prices, high quality, and optimum delivery time, meeting all customers' requirements.
We can work with each customer to design, improve or manufacture precise components and assemblies according to customer' specifications.
Please feel free to send your inquires and orders to our sales department. We are willing to provide good services and assist you to improve the competitive of your products.

Our productions Applications Contact us
Sapphire windows and Substrates
Sapphire blades
Sapphire Tubes and Rods
Jewel bearings
Other jewel components
Gauge and precise shaft
Aviation and space flight
Scientific instruments
Mechanical applications
Tel: 0086-916-2386101, 2386102
Fax: 0086-916-2578567
E-mail: sapphire@zemic.com.cn

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