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Сапфировые стекла

Products specification

Sapphire windows are used where chemical inertness, wear resistance, temperature resistance, High transmission
bandwidth and high technical strength is required. Sapphire is used commonly in ultraviolet, visible and infrared applications for its excellent transmission superior to other materials.
Sapphire windows are made in different shapes, sizes and orientation with different qualities of polish from sapphire material as per applications.
Commercial quality flat windows Precision flat windows Application Specifications
Sight windows
Instrument windows
Beam-splitter substrates
Vacuum windows
Interferometer flats
Laser windows
Medical application
IR application
UV application
Discs (Polished Both Sides)
Wear surfaces
Chemical & Erosion resistant cover
Instruments & Detectors
Crystal lattice matches with silicon basic material
for SOS (Silicon-on-Sapphire).
Crystal lattice matches with Gallium-Nitride (GAN).
Basic material for LED and SSL (solid state righting)
Circular windows / Square windows / Rectangular windows/Other special windows

Sapphire windows and Substrates

Specification Size (mm) Thickness (mm) Surface Quality
Circular Dia:1~80 0.12~10 80/50
Scratch/Dig per
Rectangular Length:1.9~60
Square Length:

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