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We are the official representative and exclusive distributor in Ukraine and Belarus, the world's leading manufacturer of strain gages (load cells, force), pressure sensors and strain gauges - the company ZEMIC (Zemic).

Using sensors in ZEMIC weighting devices.


In the market of Ukraine presented a large number of strain gages (load cells weight). Of the variety of the most distinguished quality and affordable brands. One of the favorites in this area is the company Zemic.

The history of this manufacturer begins 1965goda c - beginning production of components for the aviation industry.

Zemic developing, executing the basic management principles - "Excellence in all countries," "Be the best" and was the largest manufacturer of load cells and strain gauges in China, and one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of weighing equipment in the world. Zemic develops new products, relying on its own research base, to abolish the system of quality control and excellent testing equipment?

The product range is constantly updated one strain gauges, force sensors, pressure sensors, strain gauges, etc. Products applicable to all areas of weight and vesodoziruyuschego equipment, and is used by global manufacturers of weighing equipment.

It would be better to - to stay on as a fractional products. The main characteristics of the production line based on international quality standards, namely ISO 9001. Production equipment company can provide a complete production cycle of strain gauges, ranging from design and manufacture of strain gauges, and finishing the final testing of finished product.

Excellent quality is confirmed by international certificates OIML (tests were conducted by German experts, representatives PTB) and NTEP (tests were conducted by U.S. experts).

Most of the plant products intended for export to foreign markets. That is why ZEMIC has 3 main office and factory: in Europe (www.zemic.nl), USA (www.zemic.us) and China (www.zemic.com.cn), including representatives of all countries of the world. Zemic among the top three global producers of strain gauges, along with companies HBM and Vishay, which on the positive side proved in the Ukrainian market.

Sensors ZEMIC Gossreestr made in Ukraine and Russia, and has the appropriate certificates!

And in conclusion. Load cells - is the basis of weight measurement equipment. Sensors ZEMIC, which is equipped with weighing equipment, highly accurate and, more importantly, reliability. Select a proven, high-quality and reliable manufacturer of load cells allow you to significantly reduce the likelihood of the weights of the system during operation, thus avoiding the cost of the following articles: - replacement of sensors;
- Chef montage (call specialist);
- Calibration;
- Order of lifting equipment;
- Booking metrological weights;
and much more.
Also, along with the quality, important factor - is the price. These two indicators, reasonable price and good quality inherent in such brands as ZEMIC!

The choice is yours!